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Learn About the Forest

Throughout the year, the forest provides people with recreation opportunities and forest products while plants and animals rely on the forest for shelter and food. Discover the seasonal changes and events in our forest and what we can do to conserve this forest resource in New Jersey.

Once the temperature outside reaches 66°, honeybees gather nectar and pollen from the blooming plants and to bring back to the hive. By flying from flower to flower, the bees pollinate plants which allows the plants to produce fruit. Learn more about the facinating honey bee.

Arbor Day
J. Sterling Morton organized the first Arbor Day on April 10, 1872. Today, we celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday in April. Learn how to plant and care for a tree.

Trout SummerBluebirds
From March until September, bluebirds nest at the FREC where the staff maintains a bluebird trail. Bluebirds numbers were once dwindling, but thanks to bluebird trails like the one at the FREC, bluebirds are now more common. Learn more about bluebirds.

Trout Fishing
Those licensed can fish the Toms River on the FREC property for trout. The Division of Fish and Wildlife stocks the stream with
brook, brown, and rainbow trout. Learn more about trout and trout fishing.

Fall MapleFall Foliage
The northeastern part of the United States is known for one of the best foliage displays in the world. Discover fall foliage in New Jersey.

Acorns and the State Tree
The Northern Red Oak, the state tree of New Jersey, produces acorns. Collect acorns in the fall for the NJ Forest Nursery to grow into seedlings.


Winter CardinalMaple Sugaring
Every winter, the FREC taps maple trees and boils the sap into maple syrup. Learn about this forest product.