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Arbor Day Celebration Guide
J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day with the simple idea of setting aside a special day for tree planting. You can continue his tradition with a group, class, or even individually. Use the resources provided to help plan your celebration. Plant trees on Arbor Day and bring life to your community!

Group Event
• Plant trees in a public area
• Invite groups
• Hold a contest
• Sponsor an Arbor Day themed play
• Hold an Arbor Day themed concert
• Have a tree trivia contest
• Hold a tree identification hike
• Make a dedication
• Give seedlings
• Involve neighborhood organizations

Individual Celebration
• Plant a tree
• Read a book about trees
• Visit an outdoor area
• Learn about tree care
• Volunteer

Classroom Activities
Teachers, group leaders, and scouts can use these activites from the award-winning Project Learning Tree guide to introduce students to trees and Arbor Day.

• Plant a Tree Activity #31 PreK-8 guide
• Adopt a Tree Activity #21 PreK-8 guide
• Three Cheers for Trees Activity #30 PreK-8 guide
• What's a Forest to You? Focus on Forests Secondary Module
• Green Space Places We Live Secondary Module

scouts celebrate Arbor Day
Champion Trees
Tree Care
Pests and Diseases
Tree Professionals for Hire
Treasure Our Trees Plate
Arbor Day
  Arbor Day 2016
Arbor Day Celebration Guide
Arbor Day Seedlings *
Tree planting on Arbor Day
Benefits of Trees

Poems *
Arbor Day Song - Trees for America *
Project Learning Tree
Arbor Day Foundation

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