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Social Advantages

Reduce Medical Costs
Trees have a profound effect on those under medical care. A study of gallbladder surgery patients found that patients with a view of trees not only got out of the hospital one day sooner, but also had fewer complications and needed less pain medication. Another study found that psychiatric patients exposed to greenspace socialized more and had fewer negative encounters.

Provide Recreation Opportunities
Parks and greenspaces provide a place for recreation such as hiking, fishing, and nature watching. These activities not only allow us to connect with the natural environment, but it also provides exercise.

Calm Nervousness and Stress
Nature has been proven to reduce the stress response in both the mind and body. A tree-lined highway quells road rage. Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are more focused and are able to complete tasks while in a natural environment.

Connect with Nature
When community members join together for a tree planting or clean-up, they feel a sense of environmental responsibility and a connection with their natural environment. The residents also have a more positive perception of their community once they had a hand in improving it.


Social benefits of trees
Benefits of Trees

Economic Contributions
Energy Savings
Environmental Health
Social Advantages

With plants in mind: Social benefits of civic nature*

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