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Office of Leases


Business Opportunities in New Jersey
State Parks, Forests & Wildlife Management Areas

The Department of Environmental Protection partners with a variety of businesses, non-profits and public agencies through concession contracts, leases and operating agreements to offer the public goods and services in state parks, forests and wildlife management areas. The Department encourages new and innovative ideas for serving our patrons that are consistent with our image and mission.

The Department’s Office of Leases and Concessions, administers leases, licenses, concessions and operating agreements for the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Division of Parks and Forestry with nonprofit organizations, local governments, private corporations, and utility companies. These agreements cover a wide variety of subjects and properties, including historic sites, farmland, residences, utilities and golf courses. In addition, the Division of Parks & Forestry’s State Park Service manages approximately 38 seasonal concession agreements providing such amenities as food services, boat rental, open air theater programming and a cross country ski operation. Through partnerships and concessionaires, the Department seeks to enhance its educational mission by providing historical re-enactments and other educational and interpretive programs. These programs add vitality, interest, and excitement to our natural environment and fascinating heritage that are preserved and protected. New and innovative partnership and business opportunities and inquiries are welcome.



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