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Becoming a New Jersey State Park Service Concessionaire

The Office of Concessions managed by the State Park Service provides opportunities that enhance the public’s park experience. If you are interested in becoming a New Jersey State Park Service concessionaire, there are several opportunities you can explore.

Submit a proposal for an existing park concession:
Concession opportunities generally are made available to the public through a sealed public bid process.

1) Review the list of current concession opportunities

2) Pre-qualification: Interested parties must obtain and complete a prequalification package from the Office of Concessions. Download a package here or contact the Office of Concessions at (609) 777-0237 to request one via mail. If you wish to schedule a site visit at the concession location, please contact the park Superintendent directly.

3) Submit your Pre-qualification package to:
N.J. Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry, Office of Concessions, Station Plaza 5, 4th Floor, 501 East State Street, PO Box 404, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0404.
Note: Incomplete packages will be disqualified from the bidding process.

4) Pre-qualification review: The State Park Service will review submitted pre-qualification forms to determine if an applicant is eligible to become a qualified bidder. Once pre-qualified, you are eligible to submit a bid for the concession.
Note: Depending on the concession activity, the Office of Concessions may hold a mandatory pre-bid meeting for prospective bidders.

5) Submitting bids: Pre-qualified applicants will be notified and provided with the necessary forms, envelopes, information, etc., to properly submit their bid. Sealed bids must be received by the Division prior to a posted date and time.

Bidders must research the concession activity to determine what dollar amount they choose to bid. A visit to the site is highly recommended; contact the park Superintendent directly to make arrangements. Learn more about our concession agreements and view a sample agreement.

 6) Awarding bids: The bidder that offers the highest amount of monetary compensation, above the reserve amount, is awarded the opportunity to operate the concession. After the bid-opening date, all bidders will be notified of the results.

General Guidelines on Concession Agreements
Each part of the Concession Agreement is important to your operation and the success of your concession. Be sure you know what will be required before you bid on any concession, and be sure you will be able to meet the obligations if you commit to it. In order to give you some idea of what you will find in a Concession Agreement, we are providing the following general information that we hope will help you guide your decision. 

Length of Concession Agreement: The majority of concession agreements will have a term of three (3) annually renewable years with the option for a second annually renewable three (3) year term. A rent analysis and adjustments are made after the first three years. Concessions requiring a large capital investment may negotiate for consideration of a longer term. 
Concession Operation: Concession agreements typically operate from Memorial Day through Labor Day and minimally open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week. Some concessions may have extended seasonal requirements.

Rental Payments & Annual Increase: Typically, a seasonal concession’s rent is paid in four (4) equal installments of the total amount of annual compensation on the first day of June, July, August and September each contract period. Extended season concessions may utilize a different payment schedule. Rent will be increased each contract period by a fixed 3% per season.

Accounting & Auditing Requirements: All concessionaires are required to provide complete, accurate and detailed accounting records of all transactions using specific reporting formats. An example of the accounting and auditing requirements is available by request and is listed in the bid specification.

Develop your own idea for a concession:
New concession opportunities can be developed at a park, forest or historic site unit when the concession will provide a valuable public service that the State could not otherwise provide, and when the concession will be compatible with the park’s mission. If you have an idea for a concession at a state park, forest or historic site, contact the area of interest directly. State Park Service staff can help you understand the goals and objectives of the area and determine if your concession proposal is compatible and potentially guide you through the next steps to move the inquiry forward. New ideas are welcome.  

Interested parties may contact the State Park Service Office of Concessions main office via fax at (609) 984-0503 or call (609) 777-0237. Please be sure to include your name, complete mailing address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address on all correspondence as well as the types of businesses and locations of interest.

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