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The Department of Environmental Protection’s Natural and Historic Resources Group’s Office of Leases and Concessions administers lease, license and operating agreements for the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Division of Parks and Forestry. Leases, Licenses and operating agreements help the Divisions manage cultural and natural resources, provide visitors with increased amenities, enhance revenue to sustain operational costs, and provide new business opportunities for the private and nonprofit sectors.

Leases, Licenses and operating agreements have been developed with nonprofit organizations, local governments, private corporations and citizens, and utility companies. The agreements cover a wide variety of subjects and properties, including historic sites, farmland, residences, utilities and golf courses. 

In addition to identifying new leasing opportunities, the Office of Leases and Concessions continues to diligently improve leasing practices and policies, including updating and renewing leases and pricing, publicly bidding new leases, improving oversight of rent collection, and ensuring the use of the public assets is consistent with the Department of Environmental Protection’s mission.

Stay tuned. More information on leases is coming soon!


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